Medline Opticell Ag Silver Advanced Wound Care 4" x 5", 10 Count Dressings, MSC9845EPZ, 1 Box Each, By Medline

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Medline Opticell Ag Silver Advanced Wound Care 4"x5":

  • Gelling action helps manage drainage and remove dead, infected, and damaged tissue from the wound, trapping it for later removal at the dressing change.
  • Highly absorbent, comfortable, and Versatile
  • Chytoform gelling fiber technology and gentle removal from the wound

1 box of 10 wound dressings


  • Is designed to minimize pain during removal
  • Three times the wet strength of Aquacel traditional gelling fiber, autolytic debridement is gentle on the wound and promotes an optimal moist wound healing environment
  • Helps to prevent maceration and retains its size 

When to use: 

  • Trauma wounds and surgical wounds 
  • First-Degree burns, Second-Degree burns, and partial-and full-thickness wounds
  • Venous stasis ulcers and diabetic foot ulcers

Instructions: Opticell Ag Silver Wound Dressing may be pre-moistened with saline or sterile water on the application, then cover with a second dressing. 

Made in: United States 

Medline Vendor Item: MSC9845EPZ

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