Enemeez Mini Enema Stool Softener, 5 mL. 30 Disposable Tubes, 1 Each, By Alliance Labs

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Enemeez Mini Enema Stool Softener, 5 mL. 30 Disposable Tubes, 1 Each, By Alliance Labs:

  • Ideal to use for constipation or infrequent bowel movements
  • Penetrates and softens the stool to encourage bowel movement
  • A non-irritating formula for safe, daily use
  • Can be used for employed bedridden patients and those patients with decreased mobility
  • Can be used for acute rehabilitation patients with such diagnoses as spinal cord injuries, cerebral vascular accidents, fractures, joint replacements, and closed head injuries

Ingredients: Docusate Sodium 283mg, Medicinal (Soft Soap Base Of Polyethylene Glycol), Glycerine

Directions: For best results, lay on the left side with knees bent.
Second Position: Kneel, then lower head and chest forward until the side of the face is resting on the surface.

Warning: Discontinue use if resistance is encountered. Forcing the enema may result in injury or damage to the rectum. If the product is not administered properly and occasional rectal examinations are not performed, serious complications can arise.
Occasional rectal exams are imperative for patients with impaired rectal function, especially loss of sensation. If rectal irritation or a rash around the anus appears, the enemas should be discontinued. Prolonged administration together with mineral oil should be avoided. Do not use laxative products when abdominal pain, nausea, or vomiting are present nor for a period longer than 1 week unless directed by a doctor. If you have noticed a sudden change in bowel habits that persists over a period of 2 weeks, consult a doctor before using a laxative. Rectal bleeding or failure to have a bowel movement after use of a laxative may indicate a serious condition. Discontinue use and consult your doctor.

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