Unna-Flex Elastic Unna Boot Bandage, 3 Inches x 10 Yards(stretched), 1 Box Each, By ConvaTec

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Unna-Flex Elastic Unna Boot

  • Ambulatory management of venous leg ulcers and lymphatic edema
  • Stretchable bandage with zinc oxide
3 Inches x 10 Yards, 1 Box Each

    Instructions: Begin bandaging with Unna-Flex at the base of toes. Keep foot and ankle at a right angle. Unna-Flex will wrap smoothly onto the leg without gaps and pleats. Layer bandage onto leg until it is covered up to the knee. Unna-Flex adapts to the contours of the leg. Apply an elastic bandage for compression. Maintain even tension and cover Unna-Flex completely.

    Ingredients: Stretchable Gauze; Non-Hardening Zinc Oxide Paste (Zinc Oxide; Acacia; Glycerin; Castor Oil; White Petrolatum)

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