SeaBond Denture Adhesive Seals, 15 Lowers, 1 Pack Each, By Combe Incorporated

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SeaBond Denture Adhesive Seals For an All Day Strong Hold, 1 Each:

  • The soft seal gives you all-day hold
  • Zinc-free
  • Wear your dentures comfortably all day and still feel like yourself
  • Ooze free

1 Each 

Instructions: 1: Place Dry Seabond Waver On Denture. If Too Large, Trim Overlapping Wafer With Scissors. If Upper Wafer Bunches Up In Back, Cut A "V" In The Back Like The Pre-Cut "V" In Front. 2: Clean Denture Thoroughly. Moisten Wafer With Warm Water. 3: Position Moistened Wafer With White Side Up. Smooth Wrinkles With Finger. 4: Place Dentures Into Mouth. Hold Firmly Until Secure. If Wafer Does Not Hold, Moisten Wafer More Thoroughly. 5: to Remove Wafer from Denture, Lift Corner and Peel Away. Change Wafer Daily.

Made in: United States 

UPC: 011509001634