Hydrocolloid Dressings Film Backing, 1 Box of 10, By Mckesson

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Hydrocolloid Dressing Film Backing, 1 Box of 10, By Mckesson

  • 4" x 4" in. light beige. Pliable, absorbent, and waterproof wound dressings.
  • They help maintain a moist wound healing environment without over-hydrating the wound bed.
  • Appropriate dressing for wounds including pressure ulcers, minor injuries, and burns. 
  • Low-profile rounded corners and smooth tapered design helps reduce edge roll-up
  • It is semi-transparent outer layer permits wound site visualization without removing the dressing.
Directions: Cleanse and asses the wound bed as appropriate. Allow a minimum of 1/2" of skin contact beyond the wound margin. Remove one side of the paper liner. Place dressing over wound and surrounding skin. Remove remaining liner. Smooth dressing over skin and wound and hold in place with your palm. To remove gently press down the skin near one edge of the dressing and lift until adhesive is free. Continue to lift other edges until all are detached from skin then carefully peel off from the wound toward the direction of the hair growth. Dressing can be left in place for up to 7 days. Dressing change frequency will depend on amount of drainage.

Ingredients: Hydrocolloid gel, film backing. Not made with Natural Rubber Latex.

Made in: China

UPC: 20612479192953