Flents Finger Splint, 3 Ct., 1 Pack Each, By Flents Products

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Flents Finger Splint, 3 Ct., 1 Pack Each, By Flents Products:

Two-Sided Finger Splint

Flents Finger Splint helps support and protect an injured finger during the healing process.

  • The two-sided design protects both sides of the finger while holding it in place.
  • The foam padded splint allows for more ventilation than a heavy dressing or bandage.


  • Place the finger in the center of splint and gently apply pressure around splint to mold fit.  Splint should be snug, but not tight.
  • Secure splint to finger at the base with thing strips of adhesive tape.  Wrap around finger once firmly, but not too tight.  If finger becomes blue, cold, or numb, loosen tape slightly.

Note:  If finger is fractured, dislocated or if redness, numbness, swelling or pain occurs, seek medical attention.


For adult use.  Not intended for children under 12 without supervision.  If skin is broken, apply sterile gauze over wound before apply splint.  Inspect product before each use.  Replace if damaged or shows signs of wear.

Made in: United States

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