Fab Summer Rain Powder, 2.1 lb., 1 Box Each, By Phoenix Brands

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Fab Summer Rain Powder, 2.1 lb., 1 Box Each, By Phoenix Brands:

  • Offers quality results for any laundry setting!
  • Great formula that dissolves in cold or hot water 
  • Ideal for cleaning linens and uniforms
  • Lifts off dry stains improve the color and feel of any fabric

Directions: Sort: Separate laundry according to color and follow temperature directions. Measure: Fill to line 2 for extra-large loads and heavily soiled large loads. Fill to line 1 for large loads and heavily soiled medium loads. Fill to the bottom line for medium loads. Note: Use the same dosage for both HE and non-HE machines. Add: Add Fab Summer Rain to water before clothes. Do not overfill washer with laundry. Color-Fastness Test: Dip a hidden corner of fabric into Fab and hot water. Rinse and let dry. Proceed with treating if color is unchanged. Pre-Treat (smaller spots and stains): Follow color-fast garment testing. Wet spotted or stained area with water. Make a paste of Fab and water and rub it into the soiled area. Launder as usual. For more convenient pre-treating, use Fab Summer Rain liquid detergent. Pre-Soaking (more difficult stains): Follow color-fast garment testing. Add 1/2 scoop of detergent per gallon of warm water. Soak in a bucket or your washer for 30 minutes (overnight if necessary) using the warmest water as recommended on the garment care label. Drain water and wash as usual.

Ingredients: Processing Aid (Sodium Sulfate), Anti-Redeposition Agent, Fabric Brightener, and Fragrance, and Cleaning Agents (Anionic and Nonionic Surfactants).

Made in: United States 

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