Curad Soothe And Cool Clear Gel Burn Bandage 1.8" x 2.96", 8 Count, 1 Box Each, By Medline

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Curad Soothe and Cool Clear Gel Burn Bandage 1.8x2.96", 8 Count:

  • Ideal for minor burns, abrasions, and blisters 
  • Wound pads instantly removes heat, waterproof film backing and adhesive border seal and protect the site from external contamination up to 5 days

1 pack 

Directions: First, dry and clean the skin before use, make sure the area is free of oils and creams. Remove one white paper liner, apply dressing over site and then remove the remaining paper liner, firmly smooth the dressing down on the edges and then remove the two clear carrier films by peeling from the center opening. Change the dressing every 5 days or when needed.

Warning: Keep reach out of children.

Made in: United States 

UPC: 888277363192